I've switched Snapshot Tables - Balthazar/Dean

  So I was struggling with the table I'd chosen and the ideas just weren't coming to me. So I looked through the list and realized both of my fics actually fit another table 100% better. So please don't be angry at me for switching tables?

My spn_30snapshots  are still Balthazar/Dean.

Just now I decided to do table 4 instead of 6. So I give you Table #4 - Lover's Rock

01.skin 06.feel 11.heat 16.ache 21.desire 26.surrender
02.bite 07.kiss 12.wet 17.flush 22.tangle 27.truth
03.slick 08.touch 13.secret 18.lust 23.comfort 28.lies
04.promise 09.need 14.dance 19.trust 24.covet 29.future
05.betrayal 10.past 15.laughter 20.beginning 25.heart 30.ending

Fic: Right Here, Waiting for You

Title: Right Here, Waiting for You
Author: Heavenreturned
Pairing: Balthazar/Dean (not together presently)
Rating: PG
Notes:  Written for my spn_30snapshots  table. Square 19 – Years New Table Square 4 - Promise
I really am not sure where this fic came from. I wanted bittersweet. Not sure if I succeeded in that though.
Song for this fic:  Richard Marx “Right here waiting for you.” 
P.S. I do not like how this one turned out, so if it sucks just let me know lol I might rewrite it



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Petition to get Sebastian Roche to Nashcon

    So on June 3rd, I'm heading down to Nashville, TN for the Salute to Supernatural Convention that will run June 4-5. I've been campaigning to get Sebastian Roche (Plays Balthazar) an invite to the con.

    Last month I asked him if he'd come and he said any con he's invited to he'd go to. SO Two weeks ago I started a petition here


   Then on April 14th, Aldis Hodge confirmed that he would not be attending the con so now Creation is looking for a new guest! So if everyone can please sign it and pass it on. I've been emailing Creation and keeping them up to date on the numbers the petition is getting. BUT I need your help with one more thing too.

   Could each of you please write creation at booking@creationent.com on behalf of us Nashville Con Goers and tell them to please invite Sebastian to the con?

Backup journal and a plea? UPDATE

First of all! Hi GUYS!! I'm sure some of you out there read this since I have 105 friends. I started a back up journal on dreamwidth. It's literally a mirror journal of this one in case LJ goes down! You can find it here


My second point is a plea, can someone out there who does graphic work of any kind do me an lj header? I'd love something that's dark in colors and if you can work in any of these characters in some way: Dean, Cas, Balthazar, or Gabriel and this prayer

And Shepherds we shall be
For thee, my Lord, for thee.
Power hath descended forth from Thy hand
Our feet may swiftly carry out Thy commands.
So we shall flow a river forth to Thee
And teeming with souls shall it ever be.
In Nomeni Patri Et Fili Spiritus Sancti

Please please?!? I really want a header but I suck at making things for myself :(

So I made a header myself !! What does everyone think?

Fic: Of Idols and Angels

Title: Of Idols and Angels
Author: Heavenreturned
Pairing: Balthazar/Dean
Rating: NC-17
Summary: Dean finds himself in trouble after invoking a curse after touching an idol handled by witches.
Notes: This was written for my dear friend from twitter @Novalee36. Who agreed with me that the fandom needed some Thaz/Dean in this world!
Warnings: implied rape (past in hell ext) , Whump!Dean, an excuse to make them have sex lol, angst Dean, OOC probably
Words: 2,152 without header.

You can follow me on twitter here @MeSillyWoohoo


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Fanfic: Heart of Your Soul Chapter 4

Title:   Καρδιά της ψυχής σας - Heart of Your Soul
Chapter 4: Trying to Forgive Again
Author: Heavenreturned
Pairing: Castiel/Dean/Gabriel eventually
Rating: Current Chapters PG
Words: 1169
Summary: Dean used to dream of angels and having wings. Now he’s an adult with the threat of Armageddon looming over his head, and he’s about to find out the dreams weren’t as made up as he used to believe. It’s going to change not just his life, but the existence of two others.

Currently this part is unbeta’d but I am going ahead and posting it and when I get the beta’d version back I’ll post it up.

Notes: This is now the edited and beta'd version

Thank you to
[info]darkamber  for the awesome beta work!

Link to Part 1

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Fic: Put Aside these Childish Things

Title: Put Aside these Childish Things
Author: Heavenreturned
Words: 1553
Written for the dean_slash prompt byscyllaya  of
Dean and Gabriel realize how truly, completely and annoyingly similar they are in everything despite getting on each other's nerves constantly.
Bonus points for Sam making fun of the "twins" and all their mirror behaviour XD

Totally not what she asked for but this is how my mind works. Take a bit of an idea and runs with it.
Not  beta’d it is spell checked so hopefully it’s not too bad


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