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  So I was struggling with the table I'd chosen and the ideas just weren't coming to me. So I looked through the list and realized both of my fics actually fit another table 100% better. So please don't be angry at me for switching tables?

My spn_30snapshots  are still Balthazar/Dean.

Just now I decided to do table 4 instead of 6. So I give you Table #4 - Lover's Rock

01.skin 06.feel 11.heat 16.ache 21.desire 26.surrender
02.bite 07.kiss 12.wet 17.flush 22.tangle 27.truth
03.slick 08.touch 13.secret 18.lust 23.comfort 28.lies
04.promise 09.need 14.dance 19.trust 24.covet 29.future
05.betrayal 10.past 15.laughter 20.beginning 25.heart 30.ending